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Planning Board

Planning Board


The Saline County Planning Board meets monthly and oversees the subdivision rules and regulations of Saline County.  The purpose for the subdivision rules and regulations is to make adequate provision to guide, direct and control future growth and development in Saline County in an orderly, efficient, healthful and economic manner.

  • To assist orderly, economic, efficient, and coordinated development within Saline County.
  • To promote the health, safety, morals and general welfare of the residents of Saline County.
  • To ensure conformance of subdivision plans with the public improvement plans of Saline County, and the cities and towns within the county.
  • To secure equitable handling of all subdivision plans by providing uniform procedures and standards for observance both by sub-dividers and the Board.

All correspondence for the Saline County Planning Board in reference to any and all Board business needs to come through Karla Ramsey at the Saline County Road Department.

Karla Ramsey-Planning Board Correspondent
5555 Cynamide Road 
Benton, Arkansas
Phone: 501-303-5690

Saline County Planning Boundaries



Saline County Planning Board
2021 Members
Meetings are 2nd Thursday at 5:30 PM
in Courtroom #1 each month

Layne Penfield, Chairman

Randy Ives

Sherry Spann

Eric Krebs

Justin McCauley

Kevin Barham

Matt Nalley

Kylie Parker


Non Voting Members:

Renee Richard-911 Addressing Coordinator
Phone: 501-303-1586

John Wofford-Saline County Road Engineer
Phone: 501-303-5690 or 501-326-1644
Fax: 501-303-5699

Cayce Landers- Saline County Road Inspector


Planning Board Administrative Orders:

Subdivision Rules and Regulations 2019

Plat Submittal Application.pdf

Master Road Plan 2017

Ordinance 2002-077, Property in the Vicinity of Airport

Ordinance 2015-73, Cell Towers

Ordinance 2009-98, Billboards

Saline County Billboard Permit


Agenda and Minutes:



May 13, 2021 Agenda

May 13, 2021 Minutes

June 10, 2021, Agenda

June 10, 2021 Minutes

July 8, 2021 Agenda

July 8, 2021 Minutes

August 12, 2021 Agenda

August 12, 2021, Minutes

September 9, 2021, Agenda

September 9, 2021 Minutes

 October 14, 2021,Agenda

October 14, 2021, Minutes

November 10, 2021, Agenda

November 10, 2021, Minutes

December 9.2021, Agenda

December 9 2021, Minutes

January 13, 2022, Agenda

January 13, 2022 _ Minutes

February 10, 2022_Agenda

February 10, 2022, Minutes

March 10, 2022, Agenda

March 10, 2022, Minutes_

April 14, 2022, Agenda

April 14, 2022.Minutes

May 12, 2022_Agenda

Saline County Planning Board
Saline County Road Department
5555 Cynamide Road
Benton, AR, 72015
Phone: 501-303-5690