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Prosecuting Attorney

Prosecuting Attorney


Ken Casady
Prosecuting Attorney
22nd Judicial District of Arkansas

102 South Main Street
Benton, AR 72015
Phone: 501-315-7767
Fax: 501-315-3171

Two Party Complaint Process

No Contact Order

Eviction Process

Luke Smith
Deputy Prosecutors
Rebecca Bush - Chief Deputy Prosecutor
Carrie Robertson
Andrew Gill
Brian Clary
Vince Shoptaw
Shea Meeler
Taylor Dugan 
Greg Sink

Hot Check Department
Merchant Hot Check Affidavit
Phone: 501-315-9340
Fax: 501-315-3721
Hot Check Coordinator
Debbie Wilmoth

Case Coordinators
Natalie Terry - Office Manager / Victim Advocate
Lori Standridge - Felony Case Coordinator / Victim Advocate
Barbara Anderson - Felony Case Coordinator
Lindy Hamilton - Felony Case Coordinator
Paul Gann - Misdemeanor Case Coordinator

In most cases, crimes must be reported to the police department or law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over the city or county where the crime occurred. Complaints involving misconduct by public officials or voting law may be reported in writing to the Prosecuting Attorney’s office.  Report of misconduct on the part of law enforcement officers should be reported to the internal affairs or professional standards section of the law enforcement agency with which the officer is employed. In the event of an emergency, dial 911. You will be connected with law enforcement personnel who will assist you with the emergency. For non-emergencies, contact your local police agency.