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Small Estate

Small Estate



Small Estate laws were enacted in Arkansas in order to allow heirs to receive the property that the deceased wanted them to have without the long process of probate. In Arkansas, you may be able to avoid the probate process or at least shorten the process if certain conditions are met.
These conditions include:

*The total value of the estate is less than $100,000.00 and that claims (debts and judgments) against the estate have been paid. There are other exclusions and exemptions from this amount, such as the homestead exemption and spouse and child allowances.

*Forty-five (45) days must have passed since the death before filing the affidavit.

*There is not a personal representative of the estate already appointed or a petition for an appointment pending.

To file Small Estate:

Saline County Clerk
215 North Main Street, Suite 9
Benton, AR  72015

To file a Small Estate the cost is $25.00
            ($3.00 transaction fee for credit cards)