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Request for Qualifications

Request of Qualifications for Engineering/Architectural Services


Saline County, Arkansas is seeking Statements of Qualifications for Engineering/Architectural Services from Engineering/Architectural Services firm or firms to provide services for a jail expansion project, as described below in the Scope of Services. You are invited to submit a proposal expressing interest in providing such services to the County in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined herein.

CLINK LINK: Reference Number: 2022-11-02


Subject: Saline County, Arkansas Engineering/Architectural Services


Submission Deadline: November 02, 2022 by end of business at 4:30 p.m. cst




  1. REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS, SUBMISSION ADDRESS AND SUBMISSION DEADLINE. Deliver responses to Jeff Arey, Saline County Judge, 200 N. Main Street, Room 116, Benton, Arkansas 72015. Responses will be accepted until the Submission Deadline as stated above. Faxed or electronic responses are not considered sealed and cannot be accepted. Respondents shall not include any proposal of fees in the response. If any indication of fees is included, the response will not be accepted.


RFQ for Architectural Engineering Services - ARP SCDC.pdf