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RFP Number: 2022-09-26 Addendum #1


ADDENDUM #1: ISSUED 09/26/2022

RFP Number: 2022-09-26

The RFP Deadline has been changed from September 26, 2022 has been extended to November 01, 2022 at 4:30 CST.  No Bid Bond is required.

This proposal envisions a ground mounted solar energy generation facility, with the opportunity to net-meter if possible. Respondent should provide in their response the following: Option 1-a proposal to develop a 300kW solar energy generation facility; and, Option 2-a proposal to develop a 500kW solar energy generation facility.  The specific technology is left up to Respondent to propose.  Respondent's should use ASHRAE standards while creating their Proposal.

Please contact Saline County Purchasing Specialist, Angel Koder via Email at to obtain RFP Packet Number: 2022-09-26.

Saline County will not hold a pre-proposal conference and site tour (Site Visit).  However, if any Respondent would like to schedule a Site-Visit, please contact Angel Koder via Email.