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5th Grade Essay Winners Announced

The winners from the 2018 Christmas essay contest were chosen and announced last week. The essay question was " Pretend you are a Christmas tree. Write a story from the Christmas Tree's point of view." The contest is open to all 5th grade students in Saline County. A winner is chosen from each school and one overall winner. Winners at each school receive a certificate and $50 cash. The overall winner is awarded a certificate, $100 cash and gets to flip the switch at the courthouse, the night of the parade to turn the lights on. This will be aired on Channel 7, December 3rd at 6:00 PM which is Parade night for Downtown Benton.

The contest is completely funded by  J.R. Walters,Justice of the Peace for District 12.



Essay 2018 043.JPG



Essay 2018 005.JPG   Essay 2018 011.JPG   Essay 2018 024.JPG  

Jennifer Mendoza          Catie Hill        Zoey Nugent       

Essay 2018 031.JPG  Essay 2018 035.JPG  Essay 2018 038.JPG

Bella Guzman       Lily Sherrell        Madison Douglas

Essay 2018 055.JPG  Essay 2018 069.JPG  Essay 2018 077.JPG 

Kenedy Lyles        Kylie Lawson        Sadie Ledbetter   

Essay 2018 084.JPG  Essay 2018 096.JPG  Essay 2018 102.JPG

       Landon Gaston     Olivia Crawley     Hanna Beth Andersen 

        Essay 2018 028.jpg

         Angelica Olivo-Rodriquez