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Veteran's Benefit Fair at Library

The Veteran's Benefits Fair will be held on Saturday, October 13th from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM in the meeting room of the Bob Herzfeld Memorial Library.

If you served in the military, bring your DD214 and join us. 

At the benefits fair, you can learn about healthcare enrollment, VA benefits, and much more.

The Saline County Library will also be taking up donations for veterans. We will have a box at the front of the Bob Herzfeld Memorial Library starting on Monday, October 8th, where you can leave your donations to help our veterans! 

Veterans Needs List:

  • Bus tokens, cab fare vouchers, gift cards, gas cards (much needed)
  • Liquid laundry soap & HE detergent
  • Suspenders of all sizes and colors
  • Event tickets for recreational activities (baseball, football, theater, etc.)
  • Denture fix-a-dent/adhesive
  • Underwear: Men's med-XXL
  • 3-in-1 body wash - women and men's
  • Blue jeans or khakis, waist 30-44, mens (dire need of size 30-34)
  • Men's socks and t-shirts
  • Lap/full length Americana service blankets
  • House shoes of various colors and sizes 
  • Non-slip shower shoes and flip flops
  • Deodorant - women and men's *MUCH NEEDED
  • Beard trimmers and hair clippers
  • Electric razors
  • Curly twister elastic no-tie shoelaces
  • Coffee, creamer, and sugar packets
  • Men's size 11-14 and women size 5-10 shoes
  • (Larger containers) women and men's shampoo
  • Canteen books (can be purchased at Medical Center Canteen)
  • Pocket talkers
  • Men's belts sizes 32-50
  • Reading glasses, 1.00-2.50
  • Soft drinks/packaged snacks and bottle drinks/bottled water
  • Health-type books on exercise, wellness, nutrition, mindfulness, etc.
  • Women's underwear, socks, t-shirts, sports bras, underwear (all sizes)
  • Long-sleeve color t-shirts L-XXXL
  • Sweatpants (pull-up/elastic waist style--M, L, greater need for XL-3X)
  • Single-blade razors
  • Craft items/model items to construct for recreational therapy, crafts of all kind *MUCH NEEDED
  • NEW magazine subscriptions or magazines within 6 months of issue date
  • Large-print puzzle books, coloring books
  • Tennis shoes with or without velcro straps (new or good condition, sizes 8-12 and larger sizes 12-14)
  • White long-sleeve t-shirts (L-XXXL)
  • Sweatshirts (M,L, greater need for XL-3X)
  • Veteran baseball caps (Vietnam, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard)
  • Tickets to events and entertainment activities such as sporting or musical
  • Create and color posters (velvet/picture posters to color) 
  • Artwork - poster tablets (designs to color), artwork, wall posters (designs to color)

Larger Items (Please call the library before bringing these):

  • Bed frames for queen-size mattresses
  • Park benches (wooden or metal) for patient areas outdoors in North Little Rock
  • Guitars for teaching veterans
  • 20 iPods or Samsung handheld tablets for IMPACT clinic
  • 52-inch televisions for clinical waiting rooms
  • Fishing poles for fishing at the lake
  • Minimalist solid wood table lamps for CLC
  • $25 iTunes cards for music 

For more information on this event and other things at the library contact them at:

1800 Smithers Dr.
Benton, AR 72015
(501) 778.4766
Fax: (501) 778.0536
Toll Free: (800) 476.4466


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