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Wow Wednesday- Labor Day is over so the decorating begins!

Santa is watching the storms and getting ready to head home!

Santa w telescope_0_0.jpg

If you have ever been to the courthouse during Christmas time and looked at all the lights and decorations, then you should understand that it is not something that is just thrown up. It takes months of planning and the execution of getting it all up actually started yesterday! That's right, the Tuesday after Labor Day. I hope everyone enjoys all the holiday festivities leading up to Christmas. We do not want to lessen anyone's experience of the other holidays, but for Saline County to be in the Arkansas Trail of Holiday Lights book, we have to have our lights up the week of Thanksgiving. We are now looking for sponsors and any little trinkets that may fit in our bags. We need around 1000 of anything donated. We also need cookie dough donated for our Otis Spunkmeyer oven. Donations can be made at the courthouse or call us and we will pick them up. 501-303-5640.