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Lang Retires as Airport Chairman and Commissioner

 Lang Retires.png



Roy Lang is not your normal working person. He worked for the airlines for 34 years, retired and then continued to pursue his passion. In 2011 he was asked to join the Saline County Airport Commission.

Roy’s love of flying and desire to see bigger and better things for Saline County Airport, pushed him to accept this position. In 2015 he took the seat of chairman of the airport commission. Dane Pruitt was hired as airport manager and with the hard work of these two plus the commission, the facility today, is a dream come true.

The dream of a new airport in Saline County began in 2002 after Alcoa donated 1,200 acres to Saline County to use for a new airport. The amount of grants totaling $15 million dollars from the FAA and the Arkansas Department of Aeronautics helped to make these dreams a reality.

The new airport opened in 2006 with a 5,000 foot runway, 36 hangars and 10 private hangers and a FEMA trailer as an office. Today you will find a new modern 3,000 square foot terminal building, 3 corporate hangars, and a fuel farm to service aircraft with aviation and jet fuel. There are approximately 76 aircraft at the airport. The airport has branded fuel and full-service fuel trucks to accommodate transient aircraft.

Lang will be missed and he encourages everyone to visit this beautiful facility and see the opportunity for growth and expansion.