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Frequently Asked Questions

Information on foreclosure sales, licenses and certificates, 
court system, land records, filing fees and more.

Q: What is the contact information for the District Courts?
A: There are six (6) District Courts: Benton (501) 303-5670; Bryant (501) 847-5223; Bauxite (501) 557-5936; Alexander (501) 455-2585; Shannon Hills (501) 455-2003; and Haskell (501) 776-2666.

Q: Where do I pay fines and restitution?
A: Fines and restitution imposed is paid at the Sheriff’s Office.  For more information call (501) 303-5609.  Fines and restitution ordered by District Court are handled by the District Court.

Q: Are juvenile records available for viewing?
A: No.  All juvenile records are confidential.

Q: Where can I get a list of foreclosure sales?
A: All foreclosure sales are posted outside the Circuit Clerk’s Office on the bulletin board and also on the television monitor in the main lobby of the court house.

Q: What do I need to know to bid on foreclosure sales?
A: All property is sold “as is” with no warranty.  The Circuit Clerk’s Office does not perform land searches.  The Circuit Clerk’s Office only handles the judicial foreclosures or sales ordered by the court.  All non-judicial foreclosures are sold in the main hallway of the courthouse.  Information on each sale is posted outside the Circuit Clerk’s Office on the bulletin board.  The postings are made by the law firm handling the foreclosure.

Q: Where can I pick up the paperwork to file for a divorce?
A: The Circuit Clerk’s Office does not provide forms to file for a divorce.  The Office of the Circuit Clerk is prohibited by law from giving legal advice.

Q: Does the Circuit Clerk’s Office have blank forms (Deeds, Mortgages, etc)?
A: No.  We do don’t provide any legal forms for deed, mortgages, etc.  You must contact an attorney, Title Company, or if you know how to fill out the forms yourself, many office supply stores carry them.

Q: Where do I file my notary information?
A: Notary information is filed in the Recorder’s Office.  For more information on becoming a Notary Public, see the Arkansas Secretary of State web site.

Q: Can I get a copy of my marriage license?
A: Marriage licenses are located at the County Clerk’s Office, (501) 303-5630.

Q: Can I get a copy of my birth certificate?
A: Birth certificates are kept at the Bureau of Vital Records in Little Rock.  For births outside Arkansas, contact the government offices of the state of birth.

Q: My Child is 18 and/or graduated from high school.  What do I need to do to stop paying child support?
A: You will need a copy of your child’s birth certificate and a letter from the high school stating you child had graduated.  Bring this information to the Child Support Office of the Saline County Court House.  You will be provided with a form to fill out and submit to the Circuit Judge.  After the Judge signs it, return to the Child Support Office.