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4th Division

4th Division

Robert Robert Herzfeld

Judge Robert Herzfeld is a 5th generation Saline County resident who was elected as Circuit Judge for the 4th Division of the 22nd Judicial District of Arkansas (Saline County) in November 2008.  Judge Herzfeld previously served as the elected Prosecuting Attorney for the 22nd District, and prior to that served as a City Attorney.  Herzfeld also served as the Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for the 13th District of Arkansas (south central Arkansas).  In private practice, Judge Herzfeld was the managing partner of the Herzfeld Law Firm where he handled criminal, domestic, probate and civil matters.  Herzfeld also was a certified Mediator and an Arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau.  

Herzfeld was a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of Mississippi in 1993; and graduated With Distinction from Emory Law School in 1998, where he was a Dean’s Fellow and the recipient of the Moffet and Henderson Award for Litigation.  

Judge being sworn in

Judge Herzfeld was the founding President of Habitat for Humanity of Saline County, AR, Inc.; is a past President of the Saline County Bar Association; and also served as Vice-President of the Saline County Library Board.  Herzfeld is an active member of the Benton-Bauxite Rotary Club and is a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow.  Herzfeld is a volunteer basketball coach for the Saline County Boys and Girls Club, and also teaches 5th grade Sunday School at the First Baptist Church of Benton.  

Judge Herzfeld is married to the former Karma Schanzlin of Camden who has served as the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of Saline County for the past 7 years.  Judge and Mrs. Herzfeld have to two sons.


Division #4 building

Judge Herzfeld’s case load includes; Criminal, Family Court, Probate, and some civil cases as well as handling final Orders of Protection and presiding over the Saline County Adult Drug Court.  All of Judge Herzfeld’s cases are held in the 4th division Annex, which is located at 321 N. Main in Benton at the corner of Cross and Main in downtown Benton, Arkansas.

Criminal Court
Circuit Court Criminal Cases include all felony cases (i.e. burglary, drug charges, murder cases) as well as appeals from the Saline County District Court.

Criminal Plea and Arraignment for 4th Division is held on the fourth Monday of each month beginning at 8:30 a.m.  Additional hearings or trials are scheduled on Judge Herzfeld’s trial calendar.

Family Court (Domestic Relations)
Judge Herzfeld handles 50% of all Divorces, Guardianships, Child Custody and other related cases filed in Saline County.  

Saline County Adult Drug Court
The Saline County Adult Drug Court is a court supervised rehabilitation program for serious drug offenders.  Drug Court relies on frequent drug testing and intensive supervision with immediate accountability to provide a cost effective method of changing criminal behavior related to drug addiction.  The Saline County Adult Drug Court was founded in July 2003 by Judge Gary Arnold and then Prosecuting Attorney Robert Herzfeld.  Judge Arnold turned over Drug Court duties to Judge Herzfeld in January 2009.  

Drug Court is only available to non-violent drug offenders who are currently facing felony charges in Saline County.  Drug Court convenes every Monday afternoon beginning about 2:00 p.m.   To speak to someone about applying for drug court or further information, you may contact Angela Smith at the Public Defender’s Office at 501.303.5688.

Orders of Protection
Orders of Protection are available under Arkansas Law for domestic abuse situations where the Petitioner has a legitimate fear of future harm.  Orders of Protection only apply in cases where the parties are closely related; have lived together; or have had a romantic relationship.  

To request an order of protection, individuals should contact the Domestic Violence Unit of the Saline County Sheriff’s office at 501.303.1514 for assistance.  Temporary Orders of Protection are reviewed by one of the other Saline County Judges, and Judge Herzfeld hears all Final Orders of Protection each Monday morning except the fourth Monday of the Month.

Staff members

Judge Robert Herzfeld, 4th Division Circuit Judge
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Trial Court Assistant : Andrea Pate
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Court Reporter: Valarie Flora
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Drug Court Coordinator: Kerry Walker
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What should I wear to court?
Clothing should be presentable and conservative.  “Church” type clothing is preferred.  Inappropriate clothing such as torn t-shirts, midriff shirts, clothing with profanity or short shorts are not permitted in court.   

Are cell phones allowed?
No.  A cell phone going off in court may result in a contempt of court citation and/or confiscation of the phone.

What kinds of items are prohibited from the courthouse?
Weapons or drugs of any kind are strictly prohibited from the courthouse.  All parties are monitored upon entering the courthouse and are subject to search any time they are on the premises.  Attempting to bring prohibited articles into the courthouse or any annex will result in confiscation and potential criminal prosecution.

When should I arrive at the courthouse?
It is best to arrive 15 to 30 minutes early.  Being late could result in a default judgment against you; or contempt of court; or in criminal cases a warrant for your arrest.  Don’t just be on time—be early.   

How do I get a transcript?

Transcripts are not free, and the court reporter typically requires a pre-deposit prior to ordering a transcript of a hearing/trial.  Transcripts are $4.10 per page which is set by state law.  All transcript requests must be submitted in writing to the Judge’s court reporter, Valarie Flora. The most efficient way is to email her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You may also mail a letter to 321 N. Main Benton, AR 72015 or fax us 501.303.1585. Your request must include-- the date of the hearing; the case name and number, and whether you are requesting a portion or the entire transcript.   After receiving the request Ms. Flora will estimate the transcript cost for your deposit.  Transcription will not begin without payment.

How do I Dismiss an Order of Protection?
A petitioner may request that her/his Order of Protection be dismissed.  However, once an Order is filed, it can only be dismissed by a Judge; and in certain cases the Court will refuse to grant a dismissal if there is still a danger of violence or abuse.  

However, to request a dismissal, you should contact the Domestic Violence Unit of the Saline County Sheriff’s Office at 501.303.1514