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Saline County Circuit Clerk Data Management

Saline County Circuit Clerk Backup Systems

The documents scanned at the Circuit Clerk's office are written to CD to create a permanent, non-magnetic media of the records. Two copies of each disk are created. One copy is maintained by the Circuit Clerk's office in a secure off-site location. The second copy is stored at the Certified Records Center located in Maumelle, Arkansas. The CDs are stored in atmospheric and humidity controlled media vaults. Vault security is maintained by a computer-controlled access system and is monitored 24 hours a day. The vault environment is protected by a FM200 Fire Suppression System, a waterless and odorless gas released in precise amounts to assure safety of the stored media. Closed circuit monitors are utilized to further secure the Records Center.   Numerous large data centers and other organizations throughout Arkansas store their electronic media and backup tapes at the same records center in Maumelle. In addition to Saline County approximately twenty other counties in the state utilize this secured offsite storage company.

A secondary electronic copy of the images of the scanned records is maintained off-site on a second redundant server that is ready for immediate recovery in the event of a disaster in the Circuit Clerk's office.

Nightly backups of the system are made to external media that are removed from the courthouse and are rotated daily.  The system is backed up with portable media daily using normal required data management industry approved back up protocols.

Additionally, all scanned records are periodically copied directly from the Circuit Clerk's system to maintain a fourth level of redundant backup to the system. The records are stored magnetically in a secure location in Little Rock.

The Circuit Clerk has gone to extensive means to scan and secure the valuable records of Saline County.  Currently, over 5 and 1/2 million images have been digitally created and indexed. Property has been purchased by the Saline County Circuit Clerk to provide off-site storage of the physical records for security purposes and in preparation for future archival scanning.

The Saline County Circuit Clerk has additionally assisted and worked closely with other county offices in the preservation of their important records by providing much needed funding to assist in the purchase of document management technology.

The Circuit Clerk provides public access via the Internet to its records. The records may be searched and viewed at the Information Network of Arkansas website []. The link to this website is available through the Saline County website in the Circuit Clerk section. Numerous other county offices have their records readily available for searching via Information Network of Arkansas for anyone with Internet access.