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Procedure for Document Filing by Fax

Fax number (501) 303-1592Fax03

In an effort to become even more user friendly, the Saline County Circuit Clerk’s Office is accepting supplemental case filings by fax machine if the proper procedures are followed. The fax filing service is designed to eliminate mailing delays and to reduce overall filing turnaround times. Fax filing is allowed under Arkansas law.

Rules for fax filing:

1. Faxed documents should be sent on "high resolution." All facsimile pages must be clearly legible and come with a cover page (see item 2.) If the filing cannot be read, the sender will be notified. The filing will not be file marked until a readable copy has been received. Any filings received after business hours shall be considered filed as of the next day. All documents filed by fax must be typed and must conform to the proper legal format.

2. The cost for faxing supplemental case filings is $1 (one dollar) per page plus a transaction fee collected by the Information Network of Arkansas. That fee is based on total dollars spent for each filing sent by fax as allowed by state law. Payments can be made with a credit or debit card using our website at:

Upon completion of your online payment, a cover sheet is prepared. Please print and send this cover sheet with your fax filing, it is proof of payment.

3. When sending a fax filing please keep the number of pages to 25 or less so the fax machine is not tied up for long periods of time and everyone has a chance at filing documents in a timely manner. All documents must be on letter-sized (8½ x 11 inch) pages. The total number of pages received should match the number of pages stated on the cover sheet and the total number of pages paid for in advance. When filing by facsimile, the sender’s original will not be filed in the circuit clerk’s office. The Document should be maintained within the files of the party transmitting it and should be made available to the court or other parties to the action upon request. The fax copy constitutes the original in the court file. The filer will not transmit service copies by facsimile.Fax02

4. Fax filings must be received no later than 4 p.m. to be file marked that day. Any fax filings coming in after 4 p.m. will be filed marked the following business day. The time for file marking is limited to regular office hours 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., weekdays except for holidays.

5. All risks associated with fax filing are borne by the sender (e.g. circuit clerk's phone system being out of order, the receiving fax machine running out of paper, etc.). After a reasonable time from document transmission, it is the responsibility of the sender to confirm via e-mail or phone that a document has been received and filed.